Somatic Movement Classes

Explore the richness of the relationship between body, mind, movement and touch.

The Fundamentals

Location: Space 238
Date : Every Friday from September 2017
Time : 19:30 to 21:00
Price: £9 or find me on Move GB

Somatic Movement

Classes offer a way to learn about ourselves from within. You will be creatively guided through experiences of your body’s internal structures and systems. Through playful exercises and dance you will become more aware and appreciative of your body.

These classes are based on my experience and study of Body-Mind Centering (BMC).BMC is an integrated and embodied approach to movement, the body and consciousness.Somatic refers to practices in the field of movement studies which emphasise internal physical perception.


This course is suitable for complete beginners and those wanting to deepen into embodied learning. It is ideal to attend the whole course, However, drop-in is also possible

Please bring loose comfortable clothing, with a warm layer to start and end in, kneepads if you have them and water (though there is access to tap water).

Freeing the sholder
a subtle approach
My approach

I am a qualified Somatic Movement Educator with the School for Body-mind Centering®.

As a dancer and mindfulness practitioner I am able to tune in to the wisdom of the body, in rest and in motion. This enables me to perceive and engage with the healing process of each person I work with.

I have been working with embodied practices for over 10 years, including; Skinner Release, Hanna Somatics, Feldenkrais, Qui Gong, martial arts, dance and rock climbing