Sensing The Seasons

A two day workshop Somatic movement and Contact Improvisation


Location : The Willow Studio
Date : 17th - 18th Febuary 2018
Time : 10:00 to 17:00
Price : £80

Bring a friend : £65
Weekend Price: £80
Somatics into Contact Improvisation

A two day workshop focusing on somatic explorations of developmental movement, and how it can enhance and develop our experience and ability in contact improvisation

Saturday - Somatic Day

The first day will focus on deeper understanding of the movement patterns of the body, looking at the formation and functional beginnings of different body systems. We will use embodied anatomy, bodywork, visualisation, breath, witnessing and somatisation to learn about the body in through lived experience.

  • Understand your own anatomy through experience
  • Feel more connected to the inner landscape and your personal evolution
  • Dive deep into an appreciation and awareness of you body
  • Find grater possibility and range of motion in your movement
  • Feel support from the earth as we take a journey through developmental movement patterns.
Sunday - Contact Improvisation Day

Day two will be much more focused on the dance, drawing on the discoveries from our somatic experience we can take what we discover in to specific contact improvisation skills and into dancing. Finding support from within, discovering ease and supportive softness allowing us to manage weight more efficiently, both our own and others.

  • Learn how to move more organically
  • Let yourself responding to the present moment
  • Find way to effectively manage weigh. ( yours and others )
  • Connect with the earth. Make friends with the floor
  • Find a deeper connection to yourself through dancing in contact.

This course is suitable for complete beginners and those wanting to dive deep into the both the Body and the form of Contact Imporvisation.

Please bring loose comfortable clothing, with a warm layer to start and end in, kneepads if you have them and water (though there is access to tap water).

Contact Improvisation Ross and Ali
a subtle approach
My approach

I have been dancing CI for over 10 year, I teaching regulary classes and workshops in the south west. My interet is to focust around the begining of movement, to slow down and take time to find the processes and internal sesnation that can lead to finding your own way to move.

Rather than learning something new, it feel more like uncovering the bodies desire and ability to move organicly and in relation to others.