Contact Improvisaitons Classes

A weekly two-hour class exploring the basics of contact improvisation.


Location: The Willow Studio
Date : Every Wednesday until December 13th
Time : 19:15 to 21:15
Price: £10 or find it on Move GB

Contact Improvisation (CI)

A series of 12 weekly classes, run by Jamus Wood, Lee Bolton, Saskia Chaplin and Alistair Edmunds developing our fundamental skill through the key movement principles of the underscore. The underscore is a brilliant tool for both beginners and experienced dancers to find our confidence and ease, have fun, and be creative. ( link to underscore )


This course is suitable for complete beginners and those wanting to revisit the fundamentals. It is ideal to attend the whole course, However, drop-in is also possible

Please bring loose comfortable clothing, with a warm layer to start and end in, kneepads if you have them and water (though there is access to tap water).

Freeing the sholder
a subtle approach
My approach

I have been dancing CI for over 10 year, I teaching regulary classes and workshops in the south west. My interet is to focust around the begining of movement, to slow down and take time to find the processes and internal sesnation that can lead to finding your own way to move.

Rather than learning something new, it feel more like uncovering the bodies desire and ability to move organicly and in relation to others.